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Cat gone out of my life


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My little guy passed on in June, still cannot get over him, even though I was warned about it. He was sick, underweight, not eating.

Took to  vet many times, for prescriptions, nothing else to be done, he said. Well, I could have taken him to  Emergency hospital for tests, but I did not

think it was so urgent. Only 12. He looked okay more or less, and he was always picky about eating on and off. Maybe it was wishful thinking he would survive.

So I found him in the hall one morning,. I knew immediately. Just hours before, he hopped in bed with me to hug. So did he know?

It is hard for me to write this It took 10 weeks. Talked with a few people, including a veterinary research center consultant--no help!

Its like I can see him in my apartment and I dream about a cat., he is my only family, my "child". I live alone, always have, and will. We had an understanding. 

. No more cats, not my senior age. Too much grief in the past. No more talking to people who cannot understand! My life is simpler without worrying about him

but at least he gave it meaning and purpose. SAD.


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I think they do know. My Kitty (25 1/2) was not a lap person, she slept next to me but as far away as she could get.  The night before I had her euthanized, she came to me as I was turning the light out, then looked peowed because I was turning the light out, so I called her to me as she was storming off.  She sat on my lap (she never did!) and purred as if to thank me for all these years!  She'd lost half her weight.  She'd always had the ability to heal herself, but not this time, her kidneys were shutting down, I found out her liver was too and she had thyroid issues that were treatable, but the kidneys and liver were not.  I am so glad we got that cuddle time, it meant a lot.  I'd promised her a forever home, and grumpy or not, I meant it.  I still miss and love her and that was Jan. 6, 2020.

I adopted a feral cat a year ago April but he's outdoor only as he claws everything, not just a bit, but huge shards, and it's bad enough what he's done to my patio and ramp, plus he's nocturnal, but he has a relationship with me and my dog, and we love each other.  

I understand, I'm about to turn 71 and my pup could take me to age 83, I don't want to rehome someone.  But they're great incentive and company...

My heart goes out to you.  
You can rest assured your kitty is at peace now...

I hope this short video brings you some comfort and peace.

Comfort for Grieving Animal Lovers


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HI Maury. I'm sorry for your loss. I can relate with not wanting to open up to many people about it. I don't really either, except on this site. 

My cats are my "kids" too. I was never blessed with any human ones. My cats are my family. Losing them is so painful. I can't imagine life without them. Although I said I would never adopt again, I rescued another just 2 weeks ago. I just didn't want to see him end up in a shelter. I named him Muhsheddy. He's doing well. I hope you are too. 

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