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Today I got a hysterical call from my older brother. Doctors told us my dad maybe has a few days left to live. We have all been waiting and knowing this was coming since March. He was diagnosed with late stage bladder cancer, a very aggressive form. He’s in his 80s and too weak for treatment. Monday he collapsed and ended up in the ICU with multiple severe infections. I drove 12 hours to be here with him and seeing him for the first time in 6 months, I nearly cried. He’s so skinny and weak and I just have never seen him like this before. I still can’t wrap my head around how these are the last days I’ll ever get to talk to him or see him again… it hurts so much. 

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I am so sorry, I am glad you found this place, it was here for me when my husband died, and when my mom died, and my dogs, and my closest sister.  My dad has been gone 41+ years now.

It's so hard when it's someone who has been there all your life...just isn't, my heart goes out to you as you navigate ths.

Will be thinking of and praying for you as you go through this.
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