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What do you think….Love That Brought You Together

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Feb 2024 Eletter from Wings--A Grief Education Ministry

Wings would like to hear your story and share it. Please send a brief paragraph. Due to the holidays, I have a short deadline. Submit your story before Jan. 12, 2024. Include your name, City/State. I will only print your first name.

What do you think….Love That Brought You Together

In February our hearts all turn to “love”. For those who are grieving, precious moments or thoughts will surface and become the anchor that helps us through Valentines’ Day. A time of remembering something very special that brought the two of you together. Wings would like to honor your relationship by sharing a glimpse of how you met or how you knew this person was the one for you. For some, it was love at first sight. For others, it was a “work in progress.” But that story of choosing each other is forever in your heart. And that is why we grieve so hard because we loved so deeply.

For example. I met my husband, Gary, fresh out of high school, I felt a connection immediately (can’t say the same for him), but it took 3 years before we were ready to say “I do.” For the summer, he was working as a chef at a Pizzeria that I often went to with friends. We were introduced and felt the connection immediately. The day I walked down the aisle and took his hand, I knew it was a match made in heaven. Our relationship was beautiful and strong through many life challenges (55 years) but even moments before he died, he was able to tell me one more time, “ I will always love you.”
Nan  Zastrow     nanwings1@gmail.com
Nan & Gary Zastrow | Founders of: Wings--a Grief Education Ministry (1993)
"As long as I LIVE, you will live. As long as I LIVE, you will be remembered. As long as I LIVE, you will be loved. I will say your names, tell your stories, and share my love for you both: Gary and Chad."
Visit Wings on FACEBOOK  website:  wingsgrief.org 
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