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“Sometimes …. the me inside sounds like screaming inside a 44 gallon drum.
Just anguished screams filling every square centimetre… …. bouncing off walls and crashing back again…. echoing off each other for all eternity.
And the louder she screams, the more it hurts and louder she screams and the more it hurts………
But lately…. the me inside sounds different.
Lately….. the me inside sounds like like the mournful hum of someone blowing air into an empty bottle.
Like all she can do is play that same hollow tune over and over, with the only breath she has left.
There is nothing else, just her small emptiness…. and that sad sound she tries to fill it with.”

Ranata Suzuki -The me inside misses you

“Anguish….It’s one of those words you understand the meaning of just by the way that it sounds. It has this gnarling rasp to it as you twist your mouth around to say it…. kind of like what feeling it does to your insides. It’s an awful…. drawn out, knotted up word.It’s also one of the things I feel without you.”

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