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Hello - We Are At The 4 Year Anniversary This Week

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I wanted to say hello as I have just discovered this site.

My Dad died 4 years ago on Wednesday of a massive stroke caused by lung cancer he was 58.

He was my world and I find this week so hard. My Mum has gone away ona retreat and my brother doesnt like to discuss his feelings so it is just me and my girls - I try not to get too upset in front of them but it is difficult.

This year is slighty less tough but he has never seen my youngest and my eldest doesnt remember him as she was only 2 when he died.

My sympathies and thoughts go out to you all and I hope we all get some peace of mind some time.


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Hi kim,

Welcome to this site. Its a wonderful place to share what you're going thru (or talk about where you've been) with people who know.

Tomorrow is the 9th month anniv of my Mom's death. Wednesday would have been my Dad's 94th. Thursday would've been my sister's 60th.

Interesting week.

Take care,


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Hi Tamilla,

Welcome to the site, My mom has been gone since April 2005, and Dad has been gone since August 2005. My youngest nephew that I now live with was not even two years old when my mom died so he does not even know her. My other neice that I live with was six years old and she constantly tells me that she misses both her grandma and Pappa, My other nephew who is four years old constantly asks and tells me about how much he misses his Pappa, and Grandma. I have taken up scrapbooking and I did one just on my mom and dad and I bring it out and show them the pictures all the time. I will keep telling stories and showing them all pictures so that they will know how great they were and how much their grandma and Pappa loved them. Take care and God Bless you Shelley

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thank you for your kind responses. we got thru the day ok and it was quite positive as we had to do a mad dash to Lincolnshire, UK as my friends daughter went into labour and she needed to get there.

New life on dads anniversary felt like a positive thing - but now my friend at work who has been a bit like a father figure since ad died was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke so please hold him in your prayers tonight.

I wish you all peace


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Welcome to the website again Tamilla,

I just wanted to let you know that we are here for you, and that we are sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers and do take care of yourself, God Bless You Shelley

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hi tamilla,

welcome to the site.my prayers are with you today.Do i take it you are english aswell?

the birth of your friends child was a great thing to happen on an anniversary it really brings something positive to the day.

i use to really worry about getting upset in front of my children until my daughter who is 12 told me she to was upset and it was only natural to cry and she would not stop crying if it was me who had gone and that she wanted to be there for me even if it made her cry too.a very remarkable young lady dont you think so?

Dont ever feel that you are alone through your grief nightmare thr people on this site are great.

i dont always visit as often as i would like as i am extremley busy at the moment but everyone on this site are always in my thoughts.

take care

loads of love amanda

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