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Almost Lost My Brother....


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I don't know why but i checked out the "loss of sibling" posts tonight. It got me thinking about things. Two weeks and one day after our dad passed on August 26 of this year, my brother got in a really bad car accident when he was coming home from assessing our dad's property with our uncle. It happened on a Sunday night (Sept 10), and I got a call early Mon morning that my brother (who is only 13 mos older than me) was hit by an 18-wheeler and that he had been airflighted out of his state to intensive care 3 states away from me. I had just lost my dad, and had seen my brother quite recently because of it. Needless to say, I flew out to the hospital where he was. I thought I was losing him too! Well he came out of it alive, but he says his first recollection was of me and my husband three days later in the hospital. He was so banged up. Now he will have metal plates in his jaw and eye socket for the rest of his life. I am thankful that I didn't lose him, but it seems like there is a part of him that is gone. He is not himself anymore. He is so discouraged now. Plus he volunteered to take care of our dad's financial issues, and now he has to deal with lawyers from his accident and legal issues from our dad's death.

After reading all your posts, I am so sorry for all of you. I love my siblings dearly. I have one full brother (the one in the accident), one half-sister and one half-brother.



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My sister has now passed away but 8 months before she passed away, she was in a horrible car accident... and fully recovered...with thats said I urge you to urge him to get counseling. I did not push the issue with my sister but I wish I had. If I had maybe she would still be here. She (in my opinion) suffered an extreme amount of depression due to that accident. It took about 1 1/2 weeks for her to wake up from the accident. AnYWAY, i WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW HIS RECOVERY IS GOING? i wish you and your family the best. I am sorry for your family's loss.


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