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Hello to everyone. I am sorry, but I just haven't felt much like writing or reading lately. My mom's house sold, (we close next week) and I have had to go up there and clean everything out of the house. Now, when I go up there, the house is so quiet and there is absolutely nothing left in the house, so not only is it quiet, it's also empty. It's so hard going there. I feel like I am getting rid of my Mom. She lived in the house for 10 years, so there was alot of her in the house that I had to go through. I had to throw things away, things that belonged to my Mom, that had some sort of meaning to her. I donated alot of furniture and clothes to St. Vincent de Paul. That felt good, and I know Mom would appreciate that.

It's just a weird feeling to go to Mom's house now. It's going to be hard when the new owner's take possession, and I won't be able to go to her house whenever I feel like it!

To top things off, Thanksgiving is next Thursday, which is also my birthday. It will be my first without Mom. I keep telling myself (and my husband) that I am going to try very hard to make it a good day. We are going to our son's house for dinner, so hopefully the change will do me good. I want to make it a nice day for everyone, which is why I am going to try very hard not to cry or look sad. Mom would have wanted me to go and have a good time. That, I am sure of. We'll see how things go. But I really am going to try my best, and maybe that will make things easier on that day! I feel like I'm being hit with a double-whammy that day!

Again, please accept my apologies for not participating much lately. It's hard enough just getting out of bed!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and an easy, relaxing day. I know it will be hard, but if we take it one day at a time, we'll get through the hard times, and I hope and pray that each one of you gets through next week with as much ease as possible.

Take Care,

Kim :)

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Happy Birthday in advance. That is a double whammy! I think it is wonderful of you to think of the others and try to be happy that day. I know it will be hard.

Throwing things away is so hard, isn't it? You hit the nail exactly on the head when you said it was like getting rid of your mom. I feel the same way every time I throw something away of my dads, but we were lucky in that we had a good friend to give a lot of it to, whose sister took a lot of it. They had the proper respect for the things that you hope someone has. But, as tired as this saying is...they are just things. Our loved ones don't need them anymore and realistically, we can't keep everything.

It's ok if you don't write or read the site for awhile. Sometimes we just can't manage much and need breaks from some things. But it is nice to hear from you again. Hang in there! Hope your Birthday/Thanksgiving goes well.


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Hi jvw,

I am very sorry that you have to deal with the sale of your mom's house it will be difficult to deal with everything... I had to do the same in 2005 when I lost both my parents... My mom died in April of 2005 and dad died in August of 2005... My siblings and I held atleast seven yard sales and just before the sale of the house we left anything else we did not want on the front yard with a big sign saying free... You would be surprised how fast things left the yard... One week after my dad's funeral we had a sale agent from a nearby real estate come through for a walk through... This was not my ideal... I live in that house for thirty years. Seeing someone knew in the house was extremely hard as well as leaving my dad's rose bushes behind too... Take care and big hugs to you Shelley

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Dear Shell and Shelly:

Thanks for replying to my post. My mom's house closed Nov 22nd, and it's hard for me, knowing I will never be able to go back to her house again! Shelly...My mom was really into her roses too, and I really, really wanted to dig them up and take them to my house, but there just wasn't time! I feel bad about that.

I'm sorry about your Mom and Dad. I made it through my birthday and Thanksgiving just fine. Actually, it was a very nice day. We went to our son's house, and that was fun.

Now we just have CHristmas to get through!

Better go for now. THank you both again for replying. It really helps knowing others care and that they know what you're going through!

Take care,



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