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Maggie was my sweet shih tzu baby. I loved her like I never thought I could love anything. Last Feb. 27th, I made the final decision to put her down. The vet diagnosed her as having congestive heart failure and with fluid in her lungs which made it difficult for her to breath. That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and the sobbing and pain that goes with losing Maggie is overwhelming. I truly don't think that will ever go away. As pet owners we all know what a bond we can have with these wonderful creatures and that it only makes it more difficult for us when they are gone. I now have a big void in my heart, but I also have a very warm spot there because of her exisistence. Maggie was everything I could dream of in a companion, I feel like she understood everything about me that even my husband doesn't understand at times. I really do know that she is more comfortable now than she was during her last days here with me, but it still is so difficult to be here without her. She brought so much joy into my life and seemed the most perfect companion for me. Thank you all for taking your time to read this, I now know how it feels to lose a loved one. sad.gifsad.gifsad.gif

Thank you Maggie, you will always be #1 in my heart.


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Oh Susie! My heart goes out to you on sweet Maggie's passing. She sounds SO special.--and lucky to have you as a Mom. I believe that she is totally at peace now--experiencing bliss and joy (you know like when you're having a really great dream and you aren't aware of the passage of time or the existence of space). But she wants you to be ok. Unfortunately, her body wasn't meant to live any longer. It's just hard to be in your shoes because your soul is still in your body and it seems hard to face a life without Maggie. You WILL be reunited with her, I have no doubts about this.

My sweet Little Girl (kitty) passed on March 24th. Life seems so strange and foreign to me now. I spend a lot of time on 2 other grief-support groups (and now this one) and I have a lot of support from others in my life. But, she was the center of my life and the love of my life.

My heart is with you in your pain!!

Much love,

Little Girl's Mommy, Kathy

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It's me, Frannie. I sure wish we had more time when I am at the post office. Those darn clients keep showing up. mad.gif

I think of you everyday. I know the pain all too well as you know I do. The Pet Loss Support Group today was awesome. Well ok, that's a bad word to use. It was good, helpful, and productive. It's so sad to listen to peoples stories, however it is also very healing. I just don't feel so a lone. I bought Marty's book and have read about half. It's an excellent book. I highly recommend it to any and all pet/child owners.

There has not been one day without tears since 11-19-03 when Peekers died. And there have been a ton more tears since 1-20-04 when Petey died. As much as I am sick of crying, I know it's healing and what we need to do. That's why I get irked when clients show up so we can't have a good cry together and a hug. Maybe you could put a sign up: Post Office Closed Due to Greiving in Progress. sad.gifsad.gifsad.gifhuh.gifhuh.gifhuh.gifdry.gifdry.gif

I wish I had the perfect words to say to take your pain and sadness away for I know how hard it is. I do get it. From all I have been reading in grief and bereavement books, it's sounds like were right on track ... "normal". YUK for the first time in my life I wish I wasn't normal! blink.gif I am also learning that the grief procoss is different for each person and becomes a part of who you are. At first it is so painful and sad, then maybe down the road it won't be so bad. I don't beleive we ever "get over it". I feel like I am a different person since Petey died. Can't even type his name without crying.

I was in an accident, as Susie knows, and I came very close to dying three times. One time I actully coded. The accident was me attached to a motorcycle and traler going down the Freeway. Right now the pain and sadness I feel from the 7 losses in less than 4 years, far exceeds the pain I went through when being dragged down the freeway.

These beautiful, special, and oh so loving pets/kids mean so much to us and hold speciall places in our hearts. And when they die I feel like I have an empty hole, however with time I know my seven kids are all still in my heart.

Susie, this is intended to make you feel any better. Maggie was blessed and fortunate to have you as her mom.

Hugs and love,


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