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Question About Staying Motivated In Everyday Life


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I have my good and bad months, weeks, days & hours. Yes, I am riding this roller coaster, just like everyone else. The emotions are insane and sometimes my depression is pathetic, but I make it through one more day. Now its been almost 6 months.

I am in sales, so I know all the tricks and believe in them. Like 'Fake it 'till you make it'. Lately this would mean smiling and being cheerful at work...but I make it..and sometimes forcing that damn smile on my face does make me feel a little better.

But one of the biggest things I think about when I just want to hide under the covers is ...what would my gpa & gma (died 2.5 yrs ago) want for me? I know they want me to be happy, to be strong, to grab the world by the cajones and get on with it. I dont want to let them down. This lights a fire under me and takes me to the next step...whether its only for 5 minutes or that day.

I would love to hear what other people do and/or tell themselves to keep them motivated.

Thanks everyone!


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It's only been a month and a half since my dad died. How do I motivate myself every day? To be honest, I don't know. I remembered the first week I returned to work (on a half-day basis), and naturally I wasn't into working. Barely got anything done. Not to mention how hard it was to get up everyday with the dark cloud hanging over my head of my loss. I still don't get a lot of things done, but it's a slow and gradual process.

Maybe it's that inner strength thing that people talk about that subconsciously says you're going through a very sad time in your life, but I need to keep you going; I won't push you hard in the beginning, but gradually I need to push you more and more each day. Maybe it's also because I need to do it for my mom. She's pushed forward in her life, I should do the same.

I certainly still have my moments where I cry, and these days I like being in the company of people more often than I used to be; not to necessarily talk about my dad, but to hangout and interact.

Hope this makes sense.


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