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HI all, I just want to say sometimes I try to reply to your post, and it ends up on your original post at the bottom, or in a new post with your post included, or on its own like it should be. Don't know what I am doing wrong, but sorry if it is confusing to anyone. I am so rattled internally at this time, I must be doing something wrong. Talk about confusing behaviors. The not wanting to leave the house is huge with me, and I don't really want anyone to come in either. I hope all that goes away soon.

Hug to everyone who needs one


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Try just clicking on the "Add Reply" button at the very top or the very bottom of the entire page (thread), not the one that says "REPLY, which is 'connected' to the "+ Quote" button sitting beside it. If you DO ever get someone else's post included in your reply, you can just highlight whatever portion of their post that you don't want included (or the entire thing), then use your 'delete' button on your keyboard to get rid of it. This is sometimes an easier way to view the post you're replying to w/o having to keep scrolling down to read what they'd said. Hope that might help.

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