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Lost Two Dogs During The Holidays


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:( Well this is my first posting and I lost both my dog during the Christmas Holidays. One on Dec 19 (Cosmo) and Dec 27 (Josh) both 12.5 year old boston terriers and litter mates. I am having a hard time coping. I had both cremated and I now have them both home. I have never felt such pain in losing these two special pets. Cosmo was sick only one day and passed away and Josh was grieving the next day and began to get sick. Losing two in one week is a bit much for someone to handle. I have had these dogs since they were 5 weeks old. I alway knew they could have never lived without one another since they were litter mates. Thanks you for having this site and hopefully someone can help me cope at this time.


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I am so sorry to read about the loss of your 2 dear dogs. How especially hard it must have been to lose them both so close together. I can imagine how you are still reeling from the shock and the pain. In the summer of '05, I lost both of my parents only 7 weeks apart, so I do understand. I also had to put my precious Tawny down almost 5 months ago due to kidney failure, and she wasn't even quite 2 years old yet. She also had a littermate, Tanner, who we now watch very closely-and so far so good. But I often imagined that the horror you are going through would also happen to these 2 littermates. I cannot take away your pain, but again since being there, I can certainly understand and feel for you. The only comfort I can give you is that I found that each day that passed after Tawny died, the pain didn't come quite as often and eventually wasn't quite as intense. But I still miss my precious girl, and still cry when I think of her.

But as hard as it is, it is better to feel the pain because I truly believe that in the end, you will heal more quickly. We are here for you, so please continue to write. I wish you luck and peace in your grief journey.

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