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Reading Kim Sheridan's Book, "animals And The Afterlife"


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Although I am finding her book fascinating, I am also having a great deal of difficulty reading it because every one of her stories just bring tears to my eyes. I was reading some of the stories about ADCs-"after death communications," but I was crying so so hard that I had to stop. One of my dogs, Tanner, Tawny's littermate (the dog I lost 6 months ago} was so worried about me, he just kept licking my tears away and wouldn't leave my side until I put down the book. I want to continue the book as I try to find some comfort from it, but so far I only seem to feel more pain.

My question to any others who have read it- has this happened to you? And did you find comfort from this book? I so want to believe in an afterlife for my dog, and that she is okay-actually more than just okay, but happy,loved, and healthy again, even if I haven't had any signs. Perhaps I just have to believe and stop trying so hard to "see" signs or to find some kind of "proof." Anyway, I would be interested in any thoughts on this.

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Hey, Serl,

Well, I guess I'd have to say that I'm not surprised. You don't mention specifically what you're finding so sad about the stories, but I cried a lot, too while reading (not surprising for me, mind you!). This is much like the "Chicken Soup" books for me, but Kim's book is even more to the point, ya know? (and she does write so eloquently, too, adding to the poignancy) I found the ADC stories very difficult mainly because I wasn't getting any signs! And this was the gist of my critque to Kim, even though I hadn't finished the book yet. She promises to be addressing this reaction in her next one. From what I've learned of her so far, I'd venture to guess that she was well aware of this possible, or even probable, 'backlash' to the stories submitted, but felt that the importance of 'getting the word out' was still worth doing.

Now, even though I already was a believer, having had Sabin send so many signs before, that didn't take away from the anxiety of waiting, seemingly in vain, for Nissa to prove to me that she was safe and happy, too. And so that also didn't take away the tears while reading about others' signs. I was also already very familiar with most of the ways and means that signs are sent, so most of that info. wasn't new to me, but I had been hoping that I'd find a few I wasn't aware of and that I might have missed being sent from Nissa. And, as usual, by the end of the submitted stories, I was also really jealous of the big and powerful ones that some people had had! (and this will likely remain so unless I ever get one of those!)

And yet, I still found some comfort, just knowing that the ones Sabin had sent were validated by others who'd had the same or similar ones, and of course feeling pretty darn blessed that he'd sent so MANY of the different types. But for Nissa....I was still on pins and needles, waiting and hoping. What did help was reading that sometimes it took a long time for others' signs to appear (or for them to finally notice them?) and so it gave me a little bit more patience while I fretted. But yes, I found it pretty painful, too, but only because I'd fully expected to get the same kinds of signs from my girl as I had from my guy....if not MORE so.

I don't know if the patience is what helped matters or not, but I finally did get some signs from my girl more recently, one series of which I found really notable. Two songs that were very serendipitously placed and more importantly, she guided me to an interesting radio talk-show about a discussion of spiritual matters (my current focus was the topic underway when I tuned in) where a really obscure reference was made to a saint whose title included HER name ~ (Saint) Greg(ory) of Nissa.....of all things! It was mentioned as "Greg", not "Gregory" (and no "Saint"...I found this later) and to me, upon hearing it, it struck me that Greg was only one letter off of "grey", and that we'd often called her Nissa the Grey...or Grey of Nissa! Good enough for me! Then 2 days later, her name again appeared on the evening news. No coincidence, I say, as Nissa is NOT a very common name anymore. So I'm thinking that while numbers have always been Sabin's most-oft way of saying "Hi, I'm here!", with Nissa it's going to be her actual name....even better, I think! The songs and the name, AND a 'reading' at a Spiritualist Church that was bang-on (although not a personal spirit visit) all came in the same day. So it was worth the wait, especially since I'd asked her to PLEASE be with me that evening and send a message if she could, and asked my H to ask her the same on my behalf. The signs began w/i one minute of us asking and continued all through that evening....pretty awe-inspiring. There have been a few others as well, but these were the most obvious and the series made even more sense when related as a whole. Besides which, these just FELT like signs.

I've been discussing signs with other animal lovers (elsewhere) lately, and there ARE a lot of people who get them, it seems, and yet others who don't. And one person even got 2 full-blown visual visits from one her furkids....so I remain yearning for the same. Another one seemed to have gotten a sign herself, but for me, from Nissa, and for others who'd had their own losses. They both seem like quite spiritual people who are very open to such things, but the other similarity between them is that they're vegetarian, but I'm pretty sure not everyone that gets signs is. However, I do know that that's supposed to increase your energy's vibrational level to one that's higher, and therefore closer to the ones on that 'other plane'. And I know that when Sabin passed, I'd been flesh-free for many years, unlike more recently, so I suspect that helps. It also might help you to know that some of these people are just as scientifically-minded as me, and yet they not only believe, but have had signs from some of their beloveds, but not all of them.

But I'm still looking for more all the time, and still WANTING more. Someone mentioned something that I'm trying now...to explain to them WHY we want to hear from them, that being to strengthen that connection and bond, in order to stay connected to them as best we can....because we love them deeply and want that to grow even more. I think this is worth a shot.

I'm also going to be trying the animal communication DVD that I'd ordered, pretty soon, and am hoping this will help, too, as Nissa had said I needed to "trust". Kim will also be addressing how to contact our furkids on our own, as she realizes that finding really good communicators can be such a challenge, and it's best to get one's 'proof' as inwardly as possible.

I hope some of this helps you.

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