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Can A Horse Really Fly?


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This thought provoking article comes to us from Nan Zastrow, author of the book, Blessed Are They That Mourn, and over thirty Editor's Journal Articles in Wings and other publications. On April 16, 1993, Nan's son Chad died as the result of suicide. Ten weeks later, Chad's fiancee took her life. This double tragedy inspired Nan and her husband Gary to create a ministry of hope. For ten years, Nan published the Wings magazine for the bereaved and caregivers. In 2004, the Wings Organization refocused its efforts as a grief education ministry with the purpose of "Honoring the Past and Rebuilding the Future." Nan is a regular contributor to Grief Digest Magazine. This article appears in the January 2007 issue, and is offered here with Nan's permission:

There is a personal power, born from hope, that is far greater than any we could manufacture or harness in any living beast. The potential and the accomplishments of ordinary people in uncertain situations are transformed and hope becomes the "possible dream." Read more in the attached pdf file . . .


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