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I am looking for anyone who has contracted an animal communicator and asking what was your experience was like. Most of you know my story, but for those who don't: 8 months ago, I had to put down my precious dog, Tawny due to kidney failure. She was only 1 1/2 years old and her loss devastated me. Although I miss her terribly, what I have found even more difficult is that I still worry about her and wonder how she is. Is she okay and happy, or is she feeling sad and alone without us? I don't really know what my beliefs are concerning the afterlife or about communicators either. But I have thought about contacting one before, and after Marty suggested contacted one, I am considering it again. I would just really apprecitate anyone's feedback, positive or negative, and also how do I even go about finding one that is reliable and good? Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, Serl! I got caught up in a bunch of other things and forgot a reply to you was on my To-Do list!

First, I can give you some links to directories for AC's, which you might want to peruse:

Animaltalk directory- Penelope Smith's website

Animal links website

ACers place website/directory


-ask for references if you're unsure

-word of mouth is always a big help

-decide if 'style' is important to you or not and base your choices on that, in part

-consider cost: average nowadays seems to be about $100-125/hour, or less if you don't want a whole hour (prorated)

-try to find someone who doesn't ask for too much, if any, info upfront (name, gender, species, a photo are the usual basic requirements, and sometimes what problem(s) you wish to focus on - obviously doesn't apply for passed animals)

-try to word your questions in such a way that you're not giving away info for 'free'. You can also try asking upfront for some kind of validation from your animal to make sure it's them right away, but be open to all sorts of possibilities for an answer!

-meditate or relax somehow before your reading, and focus on your animal. Stay open to the belief that this is possible as that helps your energy field to expand and connect.

-consider taking an AC workshop yourself. (I'm currently enrolled in Lynn McKenzie's teleclass, which is still open to latecomers, but which provides inclusive audiolinks to each (past) class, plus a transcript at the end - we'll be doing class 3 (out of 6) this Wed. evening. It's less $$ than the wknd. seminars, and you don't have to travel to find one. All you pay for are the class and your LD fees for an hour/week.

This was a list I'd posted elsewhere with the AC's I've used before. Sorry I can't remember their fees at the time, but they've probably changed by now anyway and all were in the same range. Check their contact info for current prices and services:

Georgina Cyr British Columbia (250) 723-0068 HealingAll@shaw.ca; www.animal-communicator.com Specializing in health scans to assist veterinarians; also behavior/emotional. Communication workshops, live and correspondence. Healing CD’s for your pets.

~ I found Georgina to be fairly good, but not as detailed as I needed at the time. While she got some things right-on, I didn't get enough new info. for me to act on regarding the health issues Nissa was dealing with at the time. Since it's been a few years now since I used her, perhaps she's gotten better. Heart and focus on natural care is in the right place, regardless. NOT conversational style. You leave questions with her and she gets back to you. A more reasonable price at the time...not sure what her fees are now.

Lynn McKenzie Victoria BC (250) 477-0067 lynn@animalenergy.com; www.animalenergy.com Consultations, workshops, mentoring, teleclasses. Communication and energy balancing for health, behavior, & performance. Death, dying and the afterlife. Flower essences. (Lynn is currently residing in AZ (her passport expired!),so this phone # is probably not applicable right now)

~Lynn divides her time (so far) between living in BC and living in the U.S. She was the last one I used. Lynn takes a brief history first (not as great for clients who don't want to give any info away beforehand) Not sure what to really make of her yet, as she wasn't totally accurate with answers to my questions, yet a few things that came thru spontaneously seemed much more accurate. I used her once when Nissa was here, and once afterwards. Some of what she said to look for has never happened and didn't seem to fit who Nissa was anyway. Yet, she's supposed to be quite good. Unlike most though, SHE paid for the L.D. call, instead of the client and also sends a recording of the reading for you. Not as $$ as some. And, to her credit, she also brings to the table those other skills and services, especially good if your animal is still here. Lynn is the one I'm taking the class with.

~Heidi Peters, currently indisposed and unable to work at communication. The Best of The Best, as far as I'm concerned. She was my first communicator and I should have utilized her more often! Unfortunately, she's been unable to work at this for a few years now due to an injury. REALLY accurate, (for more than just me) a great animal and even human counselor DURING a reading. Conversational style, and instantaneous conversational-style ability! It was JUST like talking to my kids, as if she wasn't even there. AAA+ NOTE: I just got word that she's "complete" with AC, so won't be returning to this work. Darn!!!

Jennifer Gross P. O. Box 74, Oak Lake , MB R0M 1P0 (204) 855-2007 jendecor@mts.net Consultations. Workshops. Lectures. Reiki, TTouch Practitioner.

~Jennifer was the only one I took a wknd. course with once. She was pretty new at the time, but I found out from her that I had pretty good abilities myself. The one or two readings she did for me (when Sabin and Nissa were both still here) weren't great, but she WAS new then. Don't know how she might be now. She used to be VERY inexpensive. At the time, NOT conversational style then. I see she's moved to MB now and has continued her work there.

Teresa Wagner 1 Palo Colorado Road, Carmel , CA 93923 (831) 622-9556 teresa@animalsinourhearts.com; www.animalsinourhearts.com Consultations, workshops, mentoring, practice groups and healing circles. Specialize in issues surrounding death, loss and grief. M.A. in counseling.

~Teresa has a wonderful website and is extremely compassionate, but I didn't get much validation from a reading with her for Sabin after he'd passed. I also felt she asked FAR too many questions during the reading, though I tried not to give her too much info. I wasn't satisfied, though I admire her greatly otherwise. About the average price, around $100 or so an hour.

Jeri Ryan* P.O. Box 10166, Oakland , CA 94610 (510) 569-6123 aiaianimal@aol.com Lectures, consultations, Workshops I, II, III. Reiki treatment. Attunements and training for human and non-human animals. Spiritual healings.

~I used Jeri once only, many years ago. She's supposed to be one of the best, yet nothing was matching with reality in my reading with her for Nissa. Unlike any ACers I've used since, she WAS fair enough to refund my money in full, as it seemed we hadn't connected with NISSA at all. Yet, she'd also trained under Penelope Smith and has taught MANY other ACers as well. Maybe just an off-day for her?

Irene Lane, president of IreneSpeak Communications Inc., is an internationally recognized psychic communicator for animals and people. Her clients throughout the United States, Canada and Europe include Veterinarians, homeopathic Physicians, dressage gold medallists and competitors in horse and dog shows. She has appeared on television shows like Pet Talk with Lauren Collier, as well as the Emmy award winning show, The Exchange. An article in Variety attests to her popularity among celebrities. www.Irenespeak.com

~Irene has been my mainstay for a few years, since losing Heidi Peters. Conversational style and almost as fast as Heidi. Very compassionate and caring, but not as intelligent in verifying info coming through as I think one ought to be (this caused me a lot of grief with one of Sabin's readings). However, she's been VERY accurate most of the time. She was recommended to me by our distance homeopathic vet, who had also found her to be accurate with one of his own cats. Still my 2nd choice of those I've used so far. My last reading with her, just before Nissa crossed, though, is partly 'suspect', as things that were supposed to happen, just didn't, though one of them JUST has. At the same time, I do believe she connected with her, as a couple of very specific things were mentioned, that she'd never known about. Irene was also quite $$ for us, as we had to pay the exchange rate, the L.D. charges, AND she's never set up for credit card, so we had to use money orders (and their fees) on top of everything else. She did give me a break on fees a few times, because I was a long-standing client. She also phoned me a couple of days after Nissa's crossing (very nice of her!), just to check up on me, and we discussed what I felt hadn't been accurate with our final reading. Everyone, unfortunately, has 'off' days, but for this to happen on the most important reading I'd had with my girl, was very distressing. Overall, I'd still recommend her (she also does human readings) but if you need energy work done, too, maybe use her for the reading, but someone else would have to do the energy work.

Hope this is a good start for you, even if I've not found the perfect AC yet, myself (except for the one who no longer does it). You can PM me with any other questions if you like, or ask me for my phone # if you'd rather chat instead of type!

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While this is an older thread, I just happened upon a good article one could use when trying to find an Animal Communicator, so I thought I'd include it here. This is written by a psychic and offers some wise tips.

7 Simple Steps For Choosing The Right Practitioner, by Laura Scott

This page contains many articles (all very good!), so you may have to scroll down to this specific one....although some deal with grief as well, so are also well worth a read! I LIKE this woman's viewpoints!

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Hi, I called a pet psychic (Suzan Vaughn out of CA) after my sweet Siamese boy cat, Boliver, (11 years old) went missing. He was gone for three weeks and I was going crazy doing everything possible (flyers, neighbors, shelters, ads, etc.) when I knew in my gut what happened--that he had passed on. She told me things about Boliver that she could never have guessed. What she told me gave just broke my heart and, at the same time, gave me peace of mind. I still cry every day and every time I think of my sweet boy who made me laugh and filled my heart with complete delight. I hope this helps!

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