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I just lost my best friend yesterday. I miss him so much, I can't stop thinking of him. Klever was a Schaunzer mix that my husband and I adopted from the shelter when he was just six weeks old.

He brought so much to our lives, and now that he's gone I feel so empty. We have another dog his name is Bumpy but somehow it dosen't seem the same now. I worry about him too because they were always together, but I can't tell if he's sad or not, I guess that means he's not. I know I'm just rambling but it's still so new and I feel so confused and sad. Yesterday was the first day in ten years he didn't greet me and the door with that yappy howl of his and I knew something was wrong right away, I found him on my sewing room floor, it hurt so much that he was alone when this happened to him. I think it was a seizure that took him away from us, he'd had them a lot when he was younger. I try to comfort myself that he had a happy life he was on the bed wagging his tail when I said goodbye to him just that morning. I know there's nothing I could have done, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. I know that only time will heal the way I feel. He was happy with just a sqeaky toy or a tennis ball, and he was always there for me when I cried, he'd lay his head on my chest and look at me with those big brown eyes, and I knew everything would be alright, but he's not here to do that now. I know so many people have been through this, and they get through it, does anyone have any suggestions?

I always love you Klever

love, Mommy

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My heart goes out to you in this terrible, heart-wrenching pain!! Klever was obviously a loving---and very loved---dog.

You gave him 10 "bonus" years (he may not have survived long enough to be adopted if not for you). You were meant to be in each other's lives (though I know it wasn't long enough!).

I know you would have given anything to have been there to comfort Klever when he had his seizure. He understands that! Know that he is experiencing only bliss now---no pain, no sadness. wub.gif And remember that because he loves you as much as you love him, he would want you to be okay. Love is a 2-way street. If the roles had been reversed and it had been you who passed on, you would want him to be okay down here in your physical body. In the meantime, I guess grief is a one-day-at-a-time thing... My healing process has been helped SO much by being on the 3 different online grief-support groups I spend time at. At first I spent hours on them each day. Now I check in every day but I'm not on for as long. The intense/acute pain subsides over time (though some days are tougher than others).

You will be reunited with sweet Klever when it's your time. wub.gif

Hold Bumpy close. You 3 can grieve together. Write any time! You're in my prayers.

-Little Girl's Mommy

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Thank you little girls mommy for your wonderful reply. I still feel just as bad today as I did yesterday, but I know that in time this will pass and I will only smile when I think of my sweet little Klevie dog. He blessed our lives in so many ways. I read on a web site, this one I think about having one dog in your life, that was your "heart dog" and I know he was mine. He was with us though a lot of bad times and the good ones too and I will never forget him. I knew the day we brought him home that he knew he was saved, he never looked back even though his mother and 4 brothers and sisters were still in the cage, my husband took one look at him and just knew he was the one. My huband doesn't usually show much emotion, but he's just as devestated as I am right now. My one consolation is that other people feel just as passionately about their little furry friends as we do and that we're not alone to deal with the grief and loss. I try to comfort myself to with the fact that we gave him a life he might not have had, he was adored and treasured and just a little bit spoiled. I will cuddle my Bumpy dog, I think maybe he doesn't really understand yet that Klever's not coming back, I really wish animals could talk. We will get through this and maybe we'll never be the same, but everything touches your life for a reason, and Klever touched mine so that I would know how to give my heart completely and not fear that love.

thanks again little girls mommy, I 'll keep you in my thoughts also.


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To Klever's Mom,

First off, my heart reaches out to you now, as I know how deeply painful it is to have our precious animals part. I will keep you in my thoughts and know that your baby Klever is right with you - in a different way.

You had asked for ideas on how other people have coped...the only thing I can say, is grieve at YOUR own pace. So many people just don't understand this connection we have with our companions. But that's okay, you know what you shared with Klever and Klever knows what he shares with you. Bonds like that don't ever break.

The only other thing I'd say, is keep your heart open. I have no doubt in my mind that Klever will continue to show you his presence in the most unbelievable ways - if we're open to receiving it.

My Montey passed on January 2nd, 2004 and since he has 'communicated' with me in his own special way. It brings me comfort....And he continues to guide me through his spirit.

Just follow your heart, and don't let anyone force you to move faster then you're ready. Klever wants his mommy to be taken care of.

Thinking of you...You can definitely email me if you want to talk some more.

Take care .



(Montey's On-Line Memorial)

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Dear Angie,

Thank you for your kind and understanding words. I try to look for a sign that he's still with me, but I just don't see it, but I know that one day I will and I'll feel peace in my heart once again. I don't want to let go of the pain yet because right now it's all I have left of him. I try to take comfort in the fact that he didn't suffer and that the last time I saw him he was on the bed the same as every day, comfortable and safe. If I hear one more person tell me to just go get another dog, I'm going to freak out! In my own time I will get another dog, another shelter dog because I know Klever would want me to give another of God's creatures the same chance he had. He was a very intelligent and loving dog, and I know he'll understand, because he was one of kind and there will always be a part of my heart just for him.

forever in my heart


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