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Sam, You're Missed!


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My Friends,

I'm so sorry, I have NO time right now for an extended message as I'm in a full wknd course right now, but I just wanted to direct you to this website for helping find missing pets:

Missing Pets Partnership

I hope this can help you find Sam! Don't forget to check out any animal communicators who might be able to help locate him, too! You might try this one:

Hilary Renaissance - lost pets page

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Hi. I'm not sure if you've checked out that first site or not yet, but it's not for posting lost animals (think of all those who still don't have computers to browse on but will see a local ad or poster as they walk or drive by). Instead, it's a whole wealth of info and resources for what you can and should do to get the word out that they're missing, how to make up effective posters, ads, where to post them, where to look and keep checking, how to look (which varies quite a bit, according to the species of animal missing), and a whole bunch of other things. If it's still up and running, there was even an actual tracking service one could purchase if you're in one of the areas where this was available. It's basically a very comprehensive guide for the leg-work that the guardian must do to increase the odds. If you seriously apply every method you can find to this end, you can exponentially increase your chances of finding Sam.

You can also read through the many suggestions and links that were already posted to this other member when her cat became lost ~ Here. I was never sure how many of these suggested methods this member ended up trying, so try to not be disheartened by the fact that she didn't find her own cat.

I've heard of quite a few cats who have been found even months, and in two cases, years, later (and were able to be positively identified as the guardian's cat), and since you probably shouldn't have to be dealing with sub-zero weather right now, there is likely more hope in finding Sam. I would also highly suggest you also try the 'homing exercise' referred to, ignoring the fact that you may feel 'crazy' for doing it. I personally KNOW how well this can work, for many reasons/experiences. Cats especially, are highly attuned to those 'sixth senses', and that is partly why it can work so well. You don't have to wholeheartedly believe it yourself for it to work, although some faith helps! - the cats don't need your absolute belief to 'hear' it...and it's free, so why not try? And of utmost importance is to check every nook and cranny you can get permission to check (most people will accommodate you and you might gain an extra pair of eyes and ears in your search), closer to home, because it's true that many, many cats are eventually found quite close to home, but were too afraid to come out of hiding close by.

This is all a lot of reading and doing, I know, but time is of the essence when you're looking for a lost animal, and they often only get back home with dedicated effort by their people. I hope all this helps and that Sam can be brought home again, where he belongs. The hardest part during these times is just to keep persevering and keep that hope alive. I definitely wish you the very best 'luck' in finding your boy, alive and well!

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