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Free Stress Relief Imagery Download


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Stress relief expert Belleruth Naparstek announces the following:

Free Stress-Relief Imagery Download for New Subscribers

Sign up to receive Health Journeys' e-newsletter, Imagery News, and download a free, 15-minute segment from the Relieve Stress audio program. To subscribe, visit HealthJourneys.com/free_audio.asp.

Once the stress relief imagery begins, close your eyes and experience the voice, music, and images. Repeated listening can reduce your stress levels and reaffirm your body's ability to relax.

You'll also enjoy the timely information contained in Health Journey's e-newsletter. Each issue is loaded with the latest news in guided imagery, meditation and hypnosis, including new research, training and learning opportunities, cutting edge practitioners, special sales and exciting new programs. It is also free and you can unsubscribe from the mailing list any time you want.

[Note from Marty T: I've listened to this segment myself, and find that it's a wonderfully effective way to release tension and relieve stress. If you like, you can download it onto your computer's hard drive, so it is available for you to use at any time. Consider it as a gift you can give to yourself!)

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