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Father's Day

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Hello everyone,

As many of you were dreading Mother's Day, I'm already bracing myself for the when June 17th approaches, and dreading it. Yesterday when I went to shopping after work, I was already seeing signs for Father's Day and immediately saddened by it.

The last few years of my father's life on Father's Day, he didn't want me to buy any gift for him. At that point in his life, he wasn't interested in material belongings. All he wanted me to do was to cook him a nice meal, which I did. And now I can't even do that anymore.

I know the first one without him will always be the toughest. Hopefully every successive one won't hurt as bad, but I'll deal with it when I get to that point.

Thanks for listening.


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I just got thru my first Mother's Day, without my mom. It was very hard, but I found so much support from the people on this website. I think the days leading up to Mother's Day were harder than the actual day. I made a plan ahead of time so I could know what the day would be like.

There were moments where I hid in my closet and sobbed ,but there were wonderful moments with happy memories too. You mentioned your dad asked you to make a great meal for him, even though he isn't here,is that something you could do again? Have friends/family over for brunch? I guess my advice would be to make a plan for Father's Day and try and focus on happy memories.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi All,

This is the second Father's Day without my dad, But being the second one really does not make it any easier... I did manage to make it through Mother's Day without my mom and now that Father's Day is coming up soon I need to focus on how I am going to make it through without Dad... I think if we can meet and send out our love for our Moms than why can we not do it for our dads are they less loved because they were the men of the house... I think that we should all do the same on Father's Day as we did our Mother's Day... What does anyone else think?????????? Shelley

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I agree, Shelly...that would be a great idea. Also, Jeff, I agree with Annie about cooking for other people and planning ahead. Plan to cook something for your mom and start a new tradition. I planted flowers and ordered trees to be planted in Israel in honor of Mothers Day. I plan to do the same for Fathers Day as well. It felt good (even though it was a very hard day) to plant something alive and that will grow and that has beauty. I don't usually play in the garden, but even just buying a new plant...something substantial and alive...in honor of your Dad might help you at this time.

Take care...Lori

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