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I Guess It's A Night For Missing

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I know we all have tears....it just seems like I just really miss him so much and I had to put it somewhere....you guys are it because I can't talk to anyone else about it...thanks for being there...Karen

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Hi Karen...Sometimes those tears just come up at times when we aren't expecting them, don't you think? And even when we do have our very tearful moments, at least for me, it's good to get them out!

Take care and have a good weekend!


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Karenb: Know what you mean. I suddenly got into heavy crying for 2 weeks. Sat through a stage show just silently weeping. I'm out of it now. Feel more refreshed and stronger.

It is good to get it out, let some more sad go. It lightens the load. I am sorry that you feel sad. But I am glad you knew someone so special to cry over. There are old married couples who you see nitpick each other and make each other miserable. You know what a loving relationship is about. Perhaps we are lucky here that way. A strange thing to say perhaps.


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