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June 19th Greetings

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Having passed 26 months without my Jean I am now on my third reading of Martha Hickman’s great little book Healing After Loss. This little book has been a great help to me on this journey of life. I highly recommend it to all!

Today’s reading (June 19th) makes an excellent point – one that I can appreciate even more now than when I first read it when my grief was so fresh.

She writes:

“Though we mourn the passing of that loved one, think of how much poorer our lives would have been had we not inhabited the world together! While we hope for a continuation of life together beyond death, it is no small thing to have known and cherished one another in this spectacular setting – life.”


“I am grateful from the core of my being for the life I have shared with my loved one”

While we cannot change the past, we can recall good memories and enjoy the present knowing that our loved ones want us to be happy until we meet again.

Thanks to all my friends here for your support and ((((Hugs)))) to all.

Teny - I understand that "empty" feeling, but it really does get "better" as you recall the good memories.

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it felt good to read what you wrote today .Icant recall good memories I miss him miss the life of 4o years together.THE only memories ihave are of the last 10 days of his life The end that came so suden .Yes we cant change the past But what about lonely future?I hope you feel better and keep good memories. Teny

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Thank you so much for that quotation, Walt...it's so true. Every once in awhile I remember to be grateful for our lives together. He made me a much better person and I am so blessed to have not only known him but been loved by him.

Teny, It's been 10 months since my husband, Dick, died and I'm just beginning to think about the good times in our 10 years together. The first few months were a nightmare of guilt, regrets, and relieving the last few months of his life. It will ease up!

God bless, Benita

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