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When Family Fails You

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My family members (cousins who were nieces and nephews of my Mom) made the effort to be at her wake and/or her funeral, and I was touched since they all live in various states.

But tonight, one of those cousins got "catty" - for lack of a better description. As she went on about Mom's personality, etc., I told her not to say anything "negative" when Mom wasn't here to defend herself. To which she added such a derogatory remark about my mother - her aunt - that I said, "This conversation is ended" and hung up.

Tonight, I was proud of myself - for Mom's sake. Gone less than a month, and her niece insults her to shreds to me, the daughter, in mourning. I think Mom would have been proud of me tonight, too - not to mention furious with my cousin. It's amazing. She wouldn't have breathed her remarks to Mom's face if Mom were alive!

God Bless Mom's Soul,

Only Child

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I have to say, I'm proud of you, too! I wish I'd done what you just did when I got ZIP from the couple I'd thought were friends when they learned of our furbaby's death today. Perhaps this cousin of yours will now have learned your feelings are not to be trifled with and will show some respect for both your mom and you. People can be SUCH sorry pieces of flesh.....grumble, grumble.....and too many of them seem to enjoy kicking you when you're down and they presume you're an easier target. So good for you, sticking up for yourself like that, and in a more-than-acceptable way! That, too, is part of self-care, I think. Yes, I believe your mom is very proud of her daughter! :)

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Only Child,

I am proud of you! You should not and do not have to listen to someone belittle your Mom. That was the way to handle it, you gave her a warning she did not listen, so, end of conversation! ;)

Hugs & prayers,


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