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Can't Recover From Loss Of My Lab


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I'm not even sure how to start. On July 30th, after agonizing for 2 months, I had my yellow lab Ryker put to rest.It's been over 2 months yet I still cry each and every day for him. The difference between now and 2 months ago is that more often than not my tears are more private than public.He was truely my best friend. I am single with no children, and have my elderly mom living with me. I have been home for the last 7 years with joint problems. My Ryker kept me company through many surgeries through those years. In his early years, we did breed shows, obedience and agility, often times just to help him burn off some of his overwhelming energy! He was not often referred to as the "best" dog but always as the "entertainment". Ryker was truely a character.His personality was that of pure joy and excitement for life.For the last 6 years arthritis was taking it's toll on Ryker, which we dealt with.The last 2 months of his life presented with a problem that we just couldn't find an answer to. It was like something just snapped in his mind. He became shaky,whiny,barky,restless and very fearful. He would go days without sleep. I had to hand feed him to eat.For a few hours a day he might seem almost normal, but most of the time he was nervous and afraid. When we tried to treat him with drugs, he just looked sad all the time. It was so obvious to us that he was no longer enjoying his life. He just looked pathetic all the time.It was taking a toll on both of us since one of us always had to be with him to comfort him.The vets said we could send him to a specialist but they felt the type of neurological problems it could be, he was too old to withstand the treatment for. They thought I did the most I could.I just hope I did the right thing. I think I did, but never in a million years did I ever think I would euthanize this dog.Sometimes I feel so guilty.I miss him so much. It's like part of me died with him.[attachmentid=173]


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I am so sorry for your loss! Rykers was a beautiful dog. Please do not feel guilty euthanizing him. He is no longer suffering. It is one of the hardest decisions we make as animal parents, but I feel that we know when they cannot take anymore. I am sure you lost sleep and struggled over the decision so please do not torture yourself over the decision. It sounds like you made the right one. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs & prayers,


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Corrine: it is so hard when we have to make this decision, but as your beloved friend relied on you to make the best choices for him you can rest assured you did. Sometimes people prolong nature's natural path and make an animal suffer because THEY need them, not really thinking about the poor pet in pain. You were wise to be strong and face his reality. There are just some things out of our hands, and your hands were warm and caring for him. You made his life gentler in his last months.


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Rykersmom please dont hang on to guilt. Ryker was a beautiful boy who was so loved all his life. Sounds like you and your mom gave him a great life.

He was suffering. He wasn't able to tell you in words but was able to by his actions. You did what you felt was best for him. He is free of pain and illness now.

Take care.

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Hi there. I can only imagine the pain you are feeling right now. You just have to let yourself be at peace with the fact that Rykers was not living life any longer and as a good mother you could not just stand by and let your baby suffer. Although it was hard, you made the right decision and you know that your baby thanks you .

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