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Induced After Death Communication (IADC)

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Here is something new about a grief therapy treatment I'm currently looking into. It's called IADC, or Induced After Death Communication treatment. It was discovered (quite by accident, as these things often are) by Dr. Allan Botkin, "a recognized expert in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and grief" during his EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy sessions.

They are hoping to make a documentary film about this revolutionary treatment for victims of grief and trauma and this newer site shows a trailer for this upcoming movie, as well as providing some noteworthy information about this now-NOT-as-'secret' therapy for all those who suffer from grief &/or other trauma.......and how many of us don't in our lifetimes?!?! Check out all their links and if you're interested, bookmark the site as they'll be adding more over time.

IADC movie trailer & information

Dr. Botkin also has his own website (there's a link to this from the movie website), as does the co-author of Dr. Botkin's book on IADC treatment and experiences (link to his site from Dr. Botkin's). Dr. Botkin's website lists those who've been certified and trained by him to deliver this type of treatment. Most certified practitioners (only 11 so far, I believe) are in the U.S., with one listed in Canada but there's also another one who isn't listed but who did train with him and who should be adding her name soon, too. (in Canada, one is in Ontario and the other is in British Columbia)

The therapist in Ont. here whom I've already spoken to about this had a client herself who'd had an IADC with her own passed cat.....so YES, it's JUST as valid and possible for us animal-loving folks....as it should be. If it's as effective as is claimed, I feel we need to support, in whatever way, bringing such treatment to the entire planet.

You can also find his book and some reviews of same through a link from the movie site. There is still contention as to whether these ADCs are real, or whether they're just a mechanism of part of our brain and its capacity to 'weather any storm', one reviewer wasn't satisfied with the stated rates of success claimed by Dr. Botkin, another questioned the use of EMDR itself as well, but with more interest in such treatments, they are sure to receive more scientific attention for further study, which may answer more of these questions. But as they say, if it works, it works, no matter the explanation. I'm hoping I can avail myself of this and if I do, I'll let you know.

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