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Does It Really Come In Three's?


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Something is bothering me the past few days. I couldnt shake it off my mind, and i guess i just have to let it out now. I get paranoid by the thought that when something happens, it usually comes in "three's". I feel scared thinking of this. A year and a half ago, my ex-boyfriend died in an accident. Almost 5 months ago, the man i love so much died because of heart illness. I feel scared of what lies ahead. I feel scared of my future. I feel scared that if ever i love again, he will also be taken away from me. I was devastatedly shaken and broken by his death few months ago, and i am only starting to live my life again, finding my way..but each day i feel like i am walking in a rope trying my best not to fall down. The fear keeps lingering..

Thanks for listening, i will really appreciate any advice you can give.

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I know what you mean about things (especially deaths) coming in threes. In my case, it was many more than three in a two and a half year period, not counting several other deaths over my lifetime. This is going to sound weird and is just my own observation, but the "deaths coming in threes" seems to only apply to celebrities. I've noticed that pattern clearly there, but not with "ordinary" people. I think most of us feel that "whose going to die next" spooky feeling. But try not to let yourself get sucked into that. It can drive you crazy, I know, because I was really caught up in that for awhile. I'm so sorry for your losses. Hang in there.



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Hi Lyn,

It my own life it has been more than three's,This year alone it has been my uncle, two cats and one dog..In the past six years it has been two uncles, one aunt, my mom, my dad, two dogs, two cats and two goldfish... So you see it has been more than three's for me... But I do believe things happen in three's because it usually happens that way for me... But that is just me.... Take care Shelley

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