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The Afterlife Experiments (and Others)


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Not sure if you believe in consciousness surviving physical death, or mediums and their abilities (or at least good mediums)? I was going to just add this post to Suzanne's thread of "Channeling Session," but thought it might be better to post it separately so it can be found more readily in future.

If you have Quicktime 7, you can listen to an interview with Dr. Gary Schwartz (University of Arizona) talk about his formal scientific work on the Afterlife Experiments and the "positive" results that were found to support this reality.

For you animal lovers, while this doesn't also deal with animal consciousness per se (because they were testing only for human consciousness), many other works (including Alison Dubois' and Laurie Campbell's readings; two of Gary's test mediums) support the fact that ANY being with consciousness is also a 'bundle' of conscious energy and therefore we can reasonably extrapolate these results to include our sentient friends in sharing in an afterlife.

To find this interview, scroll down to the "Oct./05" section and click on "Dr. Gary Schwartz on the Afterlife." (note: there are many other extremely interesting and enlightening interviews on this site as well, that you may also wish to check out). This particular interview is about 1/2 hour long. Dr. Schwartz also has his own website and you can also Google the "Afterlife Experiments" to find out more.

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