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3 Weeks Ago My Dad Dies

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I found its hard just to get up in the morning sometimes I feel more tired I know its mental dreams thoughs sadness,I went to family dinner at moms today shes been remarried 15 years my brother Kenny lives there he just turned 40 ,I asked him how he was doing with dad being gone he just rteturned the ? I said wekk nothing we can do he said thats true.Hes just staying to him self alot.He looks tired .I have good days and bad sep mom called kenny the other day she ordered dads head stone .so that will be done in 3 o 4 months i guess not sure what the time frame is.My step mom is like 13 years younger than my dad shes never supported her self there whole 10 year marriage she would work month here and there.she has 2 sons ones bipolar.alcholics mental problems.she has hard time gettin him to leave now that dads not there to control the situation.she had medical problems there whole marriage like strokes every other day back surgery gall bladder removed always something my dad had to take care of her .shes one of those people that loves attention always complaing.its funny my dads last 5 minths of his life she had no emergencies no strokes she actuallu was alright so we think what a shame all the faking shes done to get out of family functions with my dads bros and sisters.she attached his sisters and niece at the funeral said he didbt like then crazy stuff.over afghans and plantsd that were sighned to be given to his sisters she attached dads niece for grabbing her moms afghan.I remeber I sat in the car I didnt even go in I could see trouble coming It was unlike me I am, outspoken but the breath had been knocked out after buring dad I didnt care who did what or anything.well today my dad went home 3 weeks ago.teresa Bennett

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It's only been a few weeks. My father's been gone since October of last year, and it's still hard. The grieving process is very exhausting. Over time, you eventually learn to move forward (and I stress move forward, not move on). I never tell someone that they'll get over it. IMO, there's no such thing as getting over the death of a loved one. The first year's the hardest because you have to go through all the firsts.

Anyway, I hope things will eventually start to get better for you.


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