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My dad loved the Holidays of family and catching up he would pick on his young brother that out weighed him by 80 pounds.H was the oldest of 5 kids they grew up in Leavenworth Indiana he graduate in 1961 he played basketball and was always out going he joined he army in 62 and met my mom in Illinois when hew as stationed there. They married in 1966 .my mom was a city girl so when she went to leavenworth to meet the family she asked where the bathroom was grandma handed her a coat she just looked at everyone like what out house whats that.they divorced after 18 years my dad was a foreman at General Electric here in Louisville ky he worked there 66 to 98 32 years he was out he remarried a few times he was on his 4th marriage the last one for 10 years to a lady from tennessee originally.My dad was a competive out going person til he found out he had cancer in june of 2007 died nov 25 2007 it will be a month on christmas day he went home to our father.I thank god for letting me have a father like dad he was a agreat man in my heart.so instead of crying this christmas we should be jealpus where he will be for christmas wow Teresa Bennett

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Dear Teresa Bennett,

You are absolutely a wonderful person.....thank God there are people like you walking this lovely earth. What can I say! You have brought a beautiful new light to all of us here....I know your light must go everywhere. A wonderful father who is home now, and a wonderful daughter who really understands. Bless your heart, Teresa.

I'm happy to know you, Karen :wub:;)

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