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A Month On Christmas Day ! Dad Went Home

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My dad went home a month from Christmas day .I've just yesturday went and finished my 16 year old sons christmas shopping.I would be on my way to a store in traffic. I would start to cry then I would be ok Its like Im bipolar all the sudden I can't control when sadness strikes .Its unlike myself.I have always been in control of my surroundings and Emotions. I know dad is Home but,he just made Christmas fun and loved visiting his family in corydon Indiana and Leavenworth where he grew up and played basketball Leavenworth Indiana.Christmas Day my brother kenny and I will be going to my dads 2 sisters and baby brother for Christmas they have invited our mother and step dad it will be emotional for everyone.We will laugh and cry.I wish everyone from our family to yours Merry Christmas and of course a safe and Happy New year 2008 here we all come ..Teresa Beennet

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Thanks. I wish the same for you and your family. Not being able to control our emotions after a death is very normal, so don't worry about it at all. We all go through that, and still are, and for some of us it's been years since the death! So, just relax and know that this is ok.

Merry Christmas,



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