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Happy New Year?

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Boy, I'm with you on this one....it is a hard and bumpy road. This is my first New Year's without my husband. It seems like people who haven't gone through something like this just don't understand. I've been told "just get over it!" What? Are they kidding?

I never dreamed I would be alone without my husband at this time. But here I am. It's been hard watching people celebrate as though life were one big party. I'm happy for them, but....well, you know.

Life is forever changed for us. All I know how to do at this point is just keep putting one darn foot in front of the other and hope I can find the strength each day to endure.

So I am so sorry for your pain and aloneness. I have deep compassion for you and I wish something or someone will come into your life to give you peace and happiness. I truly do!

Best Wishes,


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