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Last week I had a phone call from the director of the Mn Aids Project. (MAP)

This year is their 25th anniversary and they are looking for 25 "stories" to tell.(webiste,publications,etc) He asked if I would consider telling my parents story. He believes my story would help show the diversity of people effected by HIV, and that the love and support my family gave my parents would help other families going thru the same thing. I thought long and hard and talked to my brother about this and have decided to do it. They wanted to interview me, but I told them it is too hard to talk about, but I would be willing to write about it. I have been working on it for a few days. I realized as I finished, I had left out all my anger,it ended up being more about love and compassion. I kept out many personal details, that I feel are too private and I still feel a strong need to protect my parents. I cant put into words how healing this has been for me.

At the same time my brother had something important happen to him. He was at church, struggling to get thru the service. A woman sitting beside him,noticed he was having such a hard time. She sought him out after the service and introduced herself. She runs the AIDS ministry in their church. My brother had never met this woman and he said he didnt know why but he told her about our parents and then fell apart. They went for coffee and she was so kind and caring. She wants my brother to help her in her ministry. I think he will. I believe all of this is happening for a reason. I mean, there are 4000 members in this church, but this woman was sitting right next to my brother.My brother has always said, he has to believe something good will come out of all of this. If we can help someone going thru this horrible pain, I know my parents will be so proud of us. As Marty said, this must be "divine guidance". Thank you for listening.

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Sharing your parent's story will surely help and inspire other people. They will be very proud of you and your brother. I hope you will continue to touch other people's lives. I guess all things happen for a reason. Sometimes, it is hard to see the reason behind when we are struggling with our suffering, but in God's own time, we will be able to comprehend it. What is important is how we deal with this suffering and rise above it. I keep you in my prayers.

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