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Thankyou for teaching me to love

I never knew

Noone belongs to anyone

We all belong to God

Thankyou for teaching me forgiveness

for doing the things you did

For giving me the chance

To share your last months

and moments

with you...

for reaching to me

to share the end

We never talked about it

we didn't have to

we knew

your time had come

Thankyou for being so brave

so beautiful

though you saw yourself

in the mirror

and said 'I'm f**cked'

you were never

more beautiful

to me

Thankyou for being

a man

I loved

and who loved me

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Hi Rosella, glad you liked what my tears wrote, that it speaks for you too, though our stories are so different yet the love that we feel the same. To have a partner for 62 years says alot about you, and him, and your committment to each other, and to lose him i can't imagine how painful for you, but you haven't really lost him, I am sure that he is with you always, loving and watching over you, you and he inseparable after the lifetime together. I wish I could have had more time with the man I loved, and done better with the little time we did, two and half years. We split up twice, he admitted was his fault, he was scared of committment, twice left him to the 'other women', third time we were solid, would have spent the rest of my life with him, but unknown to us, his time left was not long before he would go. He couldn't believe that I'd come back to him after how he'd treated me, and neither could I, but I'm glad I did. He cried many times about it, and the whole of the last night he was alive, and all I could do was kiss and wipe his tears away and feel the unspeakable pain. He would point his finger at me when I asked why he was crying, he didn't want to go, we had found the love and trust that had eluded us, in the end. But we had wasted alot of time before that, and it took him becoming ill to understand, to see, and to break down the wall that he'd built around his heart and let me in. Then had to go, and part of me went with him, 5 months ago.

You Rosella, have a gift, in these times, to have negotiated the obstacles and difficulties of committment and loyalty and relationship, and spent 62 years with one man. Wow, you have things to teach me girl! Hugs

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