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Does It Never End?

Elizabeth A.

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So this morning all my cats tested Negative for FeLK. Horray, right?

Then Whamoo! My sister's best friend is in the Hospital in Washington DC. Shheeesh.

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Oh Elizabeth, when it seems like we have made progress it feels like we have been slapped down again doesn't it? Just think how much worse it would be if your kitties were sick too, harder to handle right? That is like just when I felt like I was feeling slightly better my Mom ends up in the hospital and we almost loose her and not only find out she has Lupus but lung cancer. You have to just keep going on as best as you can. So what happened with your sister's friend, is she okay?



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I don't know all the details, the girl has been my sister's friend since they were both little kids. The parametics called my sister because Ashley was the last one the friend had called. Her parents are either going or there now. My sister told me she'd been completely unresponsive for around 4 hours. I didn't ask if that means that she's lucid now.

You're right I have my precious little ones, and with that the solice they provide me. :) Even Tiny (daddy's cat) has forgiven me for all I put her through (I think she figures, I'm the mom and so I can get away with being a meanie sometimes). We raised her from 2 hours old as her mom never accepted her. So it's one heck of a bond between her and this family. :)

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I sure hope the best for your sisters friend.

The bonds we form with our animals are the only ones I can think of that are never broken. The bonds we form with people, well, they can last for years and then, wham, their gone, but our babies love us always. That's just one of the reasons they are so incredible.



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