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Thank You Elizabeth A


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I tried to reply before and when I hit add reply it all went away except for the pictures. Thank you for your responses your asking me to tell you other things about him was a help.

Zeus never ran through a window but he did take out a screen door :lol:and some carpet,wood molding 1/2 dozen shoes but just as a puppy. After that he was very well behaved a stray emery board or tissue chewed while I was at work.

Zeus had tons of personality I know you may think me biased but it's true ;)

It sticks in my craw so much because his mind and heart were sooo STRONG but his damn legs/back wore out(poor baby)Poor me it was tough not to be selfish and try to keep him with me longer.

I am not all alone thou my boyfriend thought he was chopped liver for most of January. He has a mixed breed dog named Sammy who is approx. 10 We almost lost him last year. He is diabetic and arthrectic (yes I am a terrible speller :P )

As terrible as it sounds I did not expect Zeus to be the first to go. Sammy is very sweet; a kisser where Zeus was'nt much on that. He loves the summer when we go out to the pool no he doesn't swim but he likes that we are outside with him while he checks out the backyard. If we even so much as look like we are going outside Sammy gets all happy.

I think when the time is right I want another Great Dane. (There is a rescue in my town) But my boyfriend says that once Sammy is gone that we shoud give ourselves a break. I really don't think that an empty house will last that long but we shall see. Also my boyfriend doesn't understand why I don't want a dog that can't fit throught the doggie door :lol: Perhaps that is something to consider as well; so many need homes. It's too soon but it's in the back of my mind.

Thanks again. Take care


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Just tell your boyfriend you prefer your doggie people, to be people sized.

(in reguards to the dog to big for the dog door). I'm glad I can help, our dear sweet pets give us so much of themselves. It's hard to think that their last deeds and images are what gets burned into our hearts. Perfect example, my Grandmother (who passed away eight years ago this March) would have been beside herself to think that her in the ICU would burn it's way into my memories, right over all the love that she gave me. Your sweet boy loves you no matter how he showed it. You made up part of his "pack" and was there by meant the world to him.

Sammy is a handsome lad as well, what a group the four of you must have made. He will be in my thoughts and prays that he is free from pain and suffering. He will be in your life as long as he is meant to be there.

When the time is right you'll know because the right dog will be right there waiting for you. Until that time comes it's okay to keep things quiet at your house, that will help Sammy too. When Sammy's time comes it will be hard, but remember it will also be hard on your boyfriend, you'll be able to be there for him as he was there for you. Saying goodbye for now is something we never want to have to do. We want every minute of life that we have to be shared with them, and sadly that isn't the way it normally works.


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My Bernese Mountain Dog died the same day my mom died. I think my mom needed him to go with her.It makes me smile to think they are together. I got a laugh out of your doggie door dilema. 5 months after Ripley died, I decided it was time to get another dog. I got a Newfoundland. He is 10 months old and already weighs 130 pounds. My husband was very surprised when I picked this breed. He said I just keep getting bigger and bigger dogs! I am sorry for your loss, I know its so hard.

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Annie~ I think your right on with your dog going to be with your mom. I feel the same way about three death's of my foster kittens - going to be with a close family of friends that all died this past Christmas. They had two young children near my daughter's age, and always had cats in their home, so I tell myself that my little kittens must have gone off to play with Olivia and Magnus. It helps me, a salve I suppose. Glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

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