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ELF In The Neighorhood?


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Hi Guys,

Well, this morning I was awakened about 5 or so with helicopters that wouldn't quit and in my rural neighborhood police cars going up and down the road. It concerned me so I watched and the helicopters were hovering around tne neighborhood. I finally turned on Channel 13 and up the street from me the ELF (Earth Liberation Front) had torched, as it turned out, 3 out of five homes meant for the "Street of Dreams' that was to happen this summer. It was very scary! According to the news this is was they're calling, "domestic terrorist activity" and it's just up the street. Pretty scary! Talk to you later.

Your friend, Karen :(:excl:

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Oh geez Karen that's awful! When I saw your post I thought maybe your dearly departed husband had left you another gift. Clearly I was wrong. Yikes, what get's into some people?

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