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Our Pets are Angels. Some say they have no souls and won't go to heaven when they die, they are wrong. God in is infinite mercy would not create these beautiful loving creatures only to destroy them in death. This month marks the two years since I lost my beautiful Golden, "Annie", and her little kitty brother. Today I have two feline wards that I cherish. They were adopted and I know they love me and the safe, loving home I've provided for them over the past two years. When I'm ready and able, I hope to adopt as many Golden's as I can to join my family and protect me.

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Yes, you're both right. I'm sure of it. How does that old tale go?

A man dies and is faced with a road leading off it two directions, his dog is there and the man and his dog pick a direction and begin to walk. The path isn't paved and is pretty dusty. At the end the path leads right up to the pearly gates with the huge fanfare. At the gate, the man asks if they have any water to spare for his dog. He's told no he has to leave his dog behind. So the man turns around and walks the other way.

After some distance he comes to an old farmhouse and there is an older man outside. The man with his dog once again asks, "Can you spare some water for my dog?" The older man says "sure let me show you the pump around back, there's a bowl for your dog as well."

After the dog and the man have quenched their thirst, he tells his story to the older man. Who nods at the tale, "yep all that pomp and circumstance to make you think you're in the right place."

Now I don't think we will thirst or hunger in heaven, but I've always felt it made a very good point. Perhaps you've heard it told differently as I just typed it from memory. Don't worry, we will be reunited with our little loves, someday. :)

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