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Guest Gamer205

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Guest Gamer205

Hello Everyone,I just want to say that I have decided to stay,no one ask me to leave I was just thinking of leaveing but I want to stay.I still want to thank everyone for there support and help I just have been haveing a very busy time and stuff.

You all to me are like my 2nd Family,I love this place so much and want to thank you all and I wish the best for all of you.

thank you all and I really do mean it,you all have become like my 2nd family and I appreate you all's support.

Karen B:

Hey Gamer, I hope you don't leave us forever. You are a special person..I hope you know that. God is always going to take care of you, teach you lessons and want you to know him even more. I feel you must have a special calling to do something for other people. You have such a wonderful heart. I am glad to know you and pray for your wonderful future and hope that you come back to see us whenever you want. I feel you are very special.

Your friend, Karen

That was so nice of you Karen I really appreate those kind words,

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Guest Gamer205

I'm going to be all right,I have finaley decided to put my trust completly in God's hand,and read his word and do the best I can,I want to try and help others and I think that I'm going to be fine as long as I trust God and try my best to do his will and what he wants by obeying his word,

:D I do love Griefhealing and the people here.

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