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Is This Working For Me?

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Attended a support group last week, it was good. Just barely touched the surface with my feelings. All I did was think of my mom and cry. I miss her so much!!! The people in the group were very supportive, but how can I heal when I live so far away from this great service. My area doesn't offer this where I live, and I don't think I would be comfortable to talk with others in my area. Very small community where everybody knows each other! I just need to let it all out. I feel lonely and lost.

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My Dear Friend:

I applaud you for attending the support group. I haven't been able to bring myself to do that yet and there are several of them available close to where I live.

I find that I can express myself better here, in this forum. I'm afraid of going to a support group and feeling the pain of others along with mine. Here its a little more anonymous and availabe anytime.

I found out today that a young family friend with a 7 month old baby girl was killed last night in an auto accident. I find the news sets me back to that time when the pain was so fresh and new and I'm crying for that family because I know what is in store for them.

I have found so much caring, understanding and support here that I find my self coming back again, and again, and again. I hoping to have an opportunity to share this beautiful place with my young friend's wife (when the time is right.

God forgive me if I've ever been to wrapped up in myself to feel the pain of others at times like these. One positive result when I lost my Mom about 6 months ago, is that its made me more compassionate to those feelings of others. Its been said before, but I'll say it again "be kind to those around you as you never know what battles they are going through."

Keep in touch with us here...we'll do our best to help you.



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Yes, Cindi it was kinda painful hearing others grief in the support group. But it was kinda good to know that people will listen to your feelings. The time went so fast during the session, and many were supportive of us being "new" to the group. Which gave us comfort that we felt welcomed. I attended the group with my sister. We both kinda didn't say to much after the introduction, but listened to others which brought about emotions about our mom. On Monday, April 7th it was the first year anniversary of our mom passing on. It was difficult of course to get through the day, but the first thing I did that morning was pray and looked for guidance from my mom. Sometimes the grief hits you all of a sudden, and all you want to do is cry. I try not to cry to much because I don't want to bring sickness to myself. I know that my mom wouldn't want me to be so worried all the time. That's all I have to say for now.

Thanks for listening and thank you for your concern. It really does help when someone is there to talk with.

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