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Roarie Is Sick Again

Elizabeth A.

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I just wanted to put in here that Roarie has been sick for about a week now. She doesn't want to eat anymore, it took opening three cans to get her to eat about a teaspoon at lunch time today. My mom is really struggling with the constant antibotics and lack of normal Roarie behaviors. I hate that FeLK is claiming another life...

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Oh Elizabeth ~ I'm so sorry to learn that little Roarie is having such a difficult time. I can only imagine how hard this is for your mother. I don't know if you are interested, but today there are many Web sites offering information and support (via telephone and e-mail) to those who are providing hospice care to their beloved companion animals. You'll find many of them listed on the Alternative Healing page of my Grief Healing Web site. (Once there, just scroll down the page until you come to the Animal Hospice listings.)

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Thank you Marty for your kind words. I suppose it's an extra twist of the knife that Roarie is only 6 months old. My mom is beating herself up for not putting Roarie to sleep as soon as the test came back positive. It hurts that she feels this way, if only because I at the time told her that her younger children were already involved and it would hurt no matter what, be it then or later. So here's later.

I do know of your web site and find that everytime I visit I learn new things. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday that I sent mom to your site and I know from there she visited the library and checked out at least one book that she is reading aloud to the children now. (they are 8 and 10 year old)

At this point Roarie's eyes are draining, and she is having difficulty walking. She has begun to loose weight (not that she has ever been very big). When I last spoke to mom she was going to check Roarie for lymphomias. That of course being the one of the sub issues that took Herbie from us.

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