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I'm reading a book by Barbara Kingsolver, called The Poisonwood Bible.

Towards the end of the story I came across the following quote which I want to share, as it felt close to home for me in my recovery from loss:

"You get to find your own way to dig out a heart and shake it off and hold it up to the light again."

In my efforts to crawl back from my loss, and attempt to share joyful feelings again in new relationships, I often feel my heart has been beaten up, and that I'm having to totally re-learn what love is, and whether I'll ever be capable of feeling it in that way that I once did. I really hope so.


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I can relate well to the quote you've shared. I have been feeling hopeful too for the past few days. I couldnt exactly describe how it is, but I feel like I am ready to embrace life and its challenges again, and am actually looking forward to the coming days. There is the feeling of anticipation and hope..hope that my healing continues, hope that one day, I will be happy again.

I have also noticed that I can recall some memories now with a smile. And most importantly, I can talk to God now without the feeling of anger. I really hope this will continue...

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