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This morning, I had an insight that helped me realize I've been making progress in recovering from my loss.

Till now, I've been depressed and frustrated and worried that I'd remain that way for the rest of my life. It felt as if I had nothing to look forward to except ongoing sadness. But today, I realized that while I've been clearing out my house, getting rid of furniture, carpet and other things I no longer want or need, replacing worn-out furniture and adding things I wanted but didn't have -- that's exactly where I stand in recovering from loss.

Revamping my house is exactly like revamping my life. I realize now that I'm not making much forward progress yet because I'm still getting rid of old emotional baggage. I've only begun to start figuring out which parts of my old life I want to keep, what I want to retain from my past life with my husband, and what hopes, dreams, and activities I'll want to include in my future. Both my house and my life are in the same state of transition.

This is not terribly profound, and what came as an insight to me might seem obvious or no big deal to others. But this realizatoin made me much more aware that yes, I'm coping and growing. And that gives me hope.

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No Kathy I wouldn't dismiss this. I do think it is a profound enlightenment. It is to me and I know it will help me.. so I thank you very much for sharing this.

When I first read it .. all I could think of was "Yeah! Exactly!".

Even though are losses are different.. I think that I am doing the same as you are.

Thanks so much.


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It sneaks up on you. Suddenly these changes happen and you're hardly aware of them. Interesting, isn't it? I'm glad time has brought you forward .

Take care- DoubleJo

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