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by P.S. Gifford

I trust my best friend one hundred percent, without any question or doubt.

I tell him all of my secrets, share my dreams, confide my fears and confess my sins. He listens without ever passing judgment.

I always feel better after confiding in him and I feel that everybody should have someone they can talk to discreetly. It is cathartic sharing your deepest most private feelings. Trust me on this.

I have told him things I would not dream of telling anyone else and I know that he would never betray my trust in a million years.

Often times we enjoy walking as we chat, maybe along an isolated beach, or sometimes in the mountains. It is invigorating simply being outdoors with him and whilst sharing his loyal company I have been inspired to write many of my stories. Being with him is liberating for the mind.

Talking openly seems to have a marvelously stimulating effect on my imagination. It is as if he is some sort of magical catalyst to my inner truer self. Being with him allows me to tap into my deepest feelings. He truly makes me appreciate the simpler things in life. He is not swayed by materialistic things. He does not care what car I drive, what zip code my house is in, or how much money I earn. He appreciates me for precisely what I am.

Chester has been a part of my life for six years now. And, to be perfectly frank, I can not even imagine him not being a part of it. There is great comfort in knowing that Chester will never think bad of me, no matter what I tell him.

I swear he is better than any psychoanalyst. I have no need to pay anyone one hundred dollars an hour to analyze me.

He is watching me type this and looks most curious. I suspect he knows I am writing about him. I swear he knows me so well that he can, on occasion, almost read my thoughts. I will read it to him before I hit the send key. He will get a good kick out of it I am sure.

Then I will give his belly a good old scratch and take my beloved dog for a good hearty walk up the creek.

Chester came from a dog shelter and had been terribly abused. But, he brings unconditional love into my life on a level that no person could ever compete.

People are flawed. People can be vindictive, cruel and just plain mean.

Dogs are loving. Dogs are forgiving, sweet and just plain needy.

Yes, I have been blessed with a loving wife, a fantastic son, and numerous friends whom I trust ninety percent of the time. With my wife it is ninety nine percent.

But even then humans are prone to anger, and anger tampers with the rational part of the mind, and people often say things that they will later regret.

I know that all my secrets are completely safe with Chester.

-- © 2008 by P.S. Gifford. Reprinted with permission of the author. Web site: http://www.psgifford.com; mail to: psgifford@earthlink.net
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