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Hi All,

I received an email from and old friend of my mom's... She wants to continue to communicate with me because my mom and this person were best friends since they were seven years old...but I do not feel comfortable doing this.. Does this make me rude??? Shelley

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No, I do not think this is rude of you. You have to feel comfortable and maybe in the future you will be, maybe not. I remember after my Dad died in 1985 I did not want to see his relatives (my cousins, Aunts, Uncles, ete ) for a few yrs because it felt too painful, like another reminder that he was gone. However when my Mom passed in 2006 I felt ok around her relatives so it is different I think for every death. Do what you feel is right for you.

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Hi Whiteswan,

Thanks for your reply, As it turns out this friend moved away and did not leave a forwarding address so I did end up losing contact with her after all but one day I would like to find her and discuss old stories with her that she could tell me about my mom and her... Shelley

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