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Hmm...signs From My Father (not Long This Time Lol)

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My father passed away January 16, 2004. Since I've since lost my mother, any signs that I ever had I could never pinpoint exactly who they are from. I guess I've always assumed they were from her.

But on Jan 16 of this year, I was at my godfather's store. I was smart and went to pick up something on one of the shelves, knocking a breakable to the floor and smashing it. There was always this debate that my father was convinced my godfather would think I was a nothing and he'd never put up with me and then after the deaths of my parents, I ended up moving to the place where my godfather has a store and even worked in one of his stores for almost a year. So I knew that sign was from him. During the time I lived here, I never broke anything; not even when I worked there. Oh, I did smash a glass at my godfather's on Christmas Day.

Then I was at a gaming site that I normally go to yesterday. I have a lot of friends that say hi to me and stuff. One person called me, "shauno". (No one can ever get shauna right. :lol: Anyway, that was the first time to my memory that anyone called me that online. My father used to call me that. Couldn't get "shauna" very well. lol

Nice to know he's still around.

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