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Aleutia And 911


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If it matters any, my boyfriend in NY was a homicide detective. just for fun he taught Aleutia a lot of search and rescue techniques in our living room. As a result, when 911 happened, larry and i decided to see if Aleutia was qualified to help. She was, so Larry got her certified and in to the city we three went. As Larry worked different areas, Aleutia pulled many shoes and (her favorite!) wallets and purses from the rubble. We called it quits when she came upon the partial corpse of a victim. She showed strange signs for a while until we took her to the vet. He said he was treating a lot of the dogs for depression. I now know animals have something of feelings. If you have any pictures of 911, she was 1 of three border collies she is the solid black one with white feet. You might even see larry and i with her. It took 2 weeks to wash all the smell and residue from her feet and fur. She did more than any dog should have been burdened with in a lifetime. I failed her only to let her get hit and the killed on a lonely country road in the backwoods of mississippi. Now you understand fully why i miss her so much, she was an angel on earth, not just a dog. Christy

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Dear suffering RAINBOWBRIDGE,

YOUR pain must be enormous, after losing your most wonderful, BEST friend ALEUTIA.....xxxxx

I am here in Liverpool, uk, going through hell too, which will , FOREVER cause me pain ( I have registered today, as I lost my darling kitties, Teddy, sadly died , on the Monday morning on 6th of September 2004, of kidney failure, and I found him 12 months earlier, injured and homeless,,,,,,


the following Monday morning , on the rotten 13th September 2004, My young black darling loving MINKY , GOT RUN OVER....AND I ONLY FOUND HER BODY, TEN DAYS LATER ON 23RD SEPTEMBER 2004.....Which has plunged me into unimagineable everlasting grief........adding to the hell, also , for the last 10 months of her life, I had focussed so very much on TEDDY,,,,,,and now I can never make it up to MINKY,....after she missed out on everything , for 10 months, and she was to be the JOY, After the stressful time, doing my best for Teddy, but it was at the cost of poor Minky... NEVER ever thinking she , would wander, that morning, and be killed. exactly one week after poor old TEDDY died.

I Know , SOME OF how you feel, it is unbearable, and MINKY was so, everything you could ever wish for in a kitty......and I deprived her of the love, we had so enjoyed for the 12 months prior to finding TEDDY. please take care, and we hopefully, will be reunited again, eventually....xxxxx

It is like living in a horrendous NIGHTMARE...... XXXXX MY STUNNING, VIBRANT, FUNNY, BLACK, SLEEK, MINKY WAS ONLY 2 + A HALF !!! , AND we have been robbed, of all the years of happiness, all due to one split second, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and killed in mid stride,,,, I DON'T KNOW HOW ANY OF US WILL GET OVER SUCH HUGE LOSSES.

I will look out for you, and ALEUTIA, on any film clips, shown in England of 911.


There are some things, we KNOW we will never get over,,, SADLY WE HAVE BOTH lost our precious best friends, in this life

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