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I watching a TV series the other night called "Army Wives". This show can be very emotional as they are dealing with the loss of a loved one quite frequently but this one the other night took the cake. A dad had lost his son in the army and while he was talking to someone about it he said that when he lost his wife when his son was 2 years old, his son was the only thing he lived for. His son was his only reason for living back then. I sat back and went "Wow" someone out there understands exactly how I felt in the begining. I don't know who the writers are but someone on that writing team understands grief. Now that it has been two years I know there are other reasons for living and continuing life, but at first I didn't want to go on. I had given up on life. Now, I am trying to get as much out of life as I can.

Love always


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Hey Derek,

You and Carson are wonderful to watch and know through your words. You two will be special forever because of your wonderful wife and his wonderful mother and because of your strength. Bless you, Derek, you are such a special example of what we all want to become.

Your friend, Karen ;)

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