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Triggered By An Episode Of Six Feet Under

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I've been watching the episodes of Six Feet Under. I never watched it when it was on, but am watching the dvd set.

It's been ok. I haven't lost it for any episodes so far and I'm almost done with season five...

But now I'm at the ninth episode, the one where Nate gets sick. He has a brain anurysm (I know it's spelled wrong, but trying to finish this so no time to look it up.) Just seeing the worry on his brother and sister's faces and I just lose it. I just keep thinking--what if it's me? What if it's my brothers? What will happen then?

I worry about them. All the time. When I stay at my brother's, I often have to listen to make sure I hear him breathing. When my other brother gets on planes, I worry, too.

Side note here--Since 2004, after my father died, there are three times that there has been a problem with the plane that my brother was on, but the problem was always discovered while it was still on the ground.

I've JUST started this episode, and already am shaken.

He's also my favorite character, which doesn't help matters either. :P

The one thing I like about the show though, is that they usually show the characters being alive, coming back in dreams and stuff, after they've died.

I just wish two things--

1. It was more than five seasons.

2. They'd not killed Nate off. :angry:

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Yep, I lost it. You have to understand, I almost NEVER cry about stuff like that, on tv. I've seen like almost every Friends episode and none of them made me cry, not the proposal episode, the wedding episode, or even the final episode. Oh, wait, I think I got a little choked up when Rachel was saying goodbye to everyone in the third last episode.

But the episode was like almost losing my mom over again or something. I had a lump in my throat the whole time and tears did fall.

And then the final episode, when Claire was saying goodbye to everyone...it was like, either when my brother went back after my mom's funeral or the day that I left home. The end of an era.

Why, oh, why do they always have to wrap everything up in a neat little bow? Like the mother...her son hadn't been dead for a year, and she was actually smiling and not crying about moving on. Uhm...

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Marty gave this link to someone else on another thread here about how watching movies sometimes can help us with grief.


There might be other movies to watch that may help you to express your feelings there on those lists.

And expressing emotions via movies or TV shows may help us.

They always tie everything up in a neat bow.. cuz.. it's TV.

Real life probably wouldn't sell as well.. huh?

Right now.. today.. it isn't your siblings or you that are sick & dying.. so.. stay in today. I have found that going anywhere else besides this one day can wreck me emotionally, mentally and consequently sometimes, physically.


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Shauna - my dear, you are braver than my brother and I. An episode of House was on the other day. It was the episode where Amber dies in hospital. My brother and I both reached for the TV remote at the same time to switch it over once we realized what the episode was about. We haven't got the guts to watch ER or Grey's Anatomy either. :ph34r:

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Mariah.. of course hon. You two weren't ready for that yet and may never be. And that's ok. Just sometimes with some people it can help us express emotions.

I haven't watched a medical show myself in awhile.

Yet watching "What Dreams May Come" helped me.

I couldn't watch poor Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" but I bought the book and can read teeny bits here & there.

It just depends on the person.

Yes I agree Shauna Marie is brave.

But.. no braver than you or your brother, or myself.

Simply some tools that help one person don't necessarily work for others.. and that's ok. We all do what we feel ready to do when we are ready to do them. And that... is courage.

((((Hugs)))) to all 3 of you.


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For the record, I can't do other tv shows, like House. I watched all of five minutes of House and that was that. It started to trigger me and I just avoid all of those types of shows since.

I'm also in a place that I know that even if it was my brothers, it would be ok, eventually. I know that there are others who will be there for me and that my life would go on. Albeit, not the same, but differently. It's one reason why I choose to live away from my brothers and build up a network outside of my family.


Well, my other absolute favorite tv show is Degrassi. Not the new ones, the originals. When that series ended, it just ended. No nice bow, nothing. Just like they could have done another season and picked up the storylines from there. And they knew the show was going to end. I guess it's just Six Feet Under was filled with so much drama and crap through the whole series that it was just...horrible to do what they did. I guess in a sense though, it's really not much different than my own life. We did all go on, sort of end our series, to new beginnings filled with hope. I guess I didn't like the fifth season as much as the others. Well, it kind of started to go downhill in season three for me, season four wasn't so bad. I found that season five just completely went off the direction of the whole point of the show. I was ok after I posted and hit the stop button. :lol: Just brought back stuff that I didn't know was there. Thanks for including the link.


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I think I should add to my post.

The audience didn't know that the character was going to die. After he had his brain thingie, he woke up and was fine after surgery. He was going to even be let to go home in a few days. They didn't even show him dying. What they showed was him watching tv with his brother, his brother fell asleep and had a dream Nate was dead, and woke up to the machines showing that he had flatlined.

There is quite a bit of humor in the show in itself. Of the say 50 funerals that are performed over the course, I'd say only 10 have no humor in them. It is tv and I mean that even some of the storylines amongst some of the characters can be funny.

Also, there are only maybe about 10 scenes in the whole series that were really gross and disgusting. They managed to keep it all in check and keep the really horrific stuff away for the most part (in my opinion.)

The show really is nothing like House or any of those shows. As I mentioned, I managed about five minutes of House and that was that. So I figured that I wouldn't last the first ten minutes of Six. I did though. It isn't anything about being brave, it's about handling what you can at the time. You might even be able to handle it, you won't know unless you try. (Not saying you should, just no need to praise me if you haven't tried it yerself.)

Take care,


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