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Does Anybody Remember Avon’s Buttons & Bows?

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Does anyone here remember an Avon product called "Buttons & Bows"? It was Jeannie's favourite perfume. I believe it was sold in the 1960's.

IF there was any of this product still in existence would it still smell the same as it did back then? I would really like to smell that wonderful aroma once again.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find some of this old product? I tried eBay, but nothing was found there.

Thanks for reading this message. I know that I can't bring back the past, but at a recent visit to a huge outdoor Flea Market I found several toys and books that brought back happy memories of the "good ole days". There were plenty of old Avon perfume bottles, some shaped like automobiles, etc BUT no old bottles of Buttons and Bows.

I know that some will say that it's "foolish" to dwell on the past - it can't be changed. I know that BUT I can't seem to move on to a future without Jean, so I will do my best to remember the past with her.

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