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I’m so glad you found me

It was fate, had to be

We grew up 30 miles apart but didn’t find

Romance till you moved 3,000 miles away.

You found a battered, belittled shell

I found a love to salve my shattered soul,

A friend I could tell secrets to

Who made me laugh and rediscover joy.

For awhile, the woman found

Fell lost again when she lost you.

But now I know you still belong to me

You find so many proofs to show me.

You help me find lost things

(Including strengths I never knew I had).

You help me find the words

To reassure and relieve others’ pain.

You send your signs of life and love

Hide them in plain sight for me to find.

You find helpers for my trouble times,

You seize me back from the edge.

You guide my clumsy hands

You still whisper your love

And as I find myself again, I find

Your ways, the ones I loved, becoming mine.

And what I’ve found of you, within my heart

Can never be forgotten, lost or changed.

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Thank you for sharing that with us...you have discovered a joyous thing, that what we lost is not lost at all, but changed, and we still carry them with us day to day.

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