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Lost My Grandma Last Week

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Hi, I am new to this discussion group. I have lost both a parent and grandparent. I am 28, I lost my mom to cervical cancer when I was 13. 4 and a half years ago, my maternal grandmother moved in with my husband, son and myself. My son was 4 at the time. The years we had with her were great. I missed her so much when I lost my mom, my grandmother and I were super close growing up, she lived with us after my grandpa died. After we lost mom, I moved in with my dad and she moved in with her sister about 2 hours away. Anyway it was great to have her with me again, she had so many stories to tell of my mom, and she was one of my son's favorite playmates. Anyway my husband and I went on a cruise last month for a week. My mil and fil came and stayed with my grandma and son. When we returned they said she had been feeling weaker and more tired than usual. I took her to the ER, the day I returned, some tests were run and it was discovered she had colon cancer. After a risky surgery, and 2 weeks in the hospital, she got to come home. She was weak, but the prognosis was great, they expected her to make a full recovery. Physical therapy and home health were to come 3x a week, I quit my job, she needed a lot of care, and I was happy to do it. She hated being so dependant on me, but we knew she had the determination and will to make a full recovery. Last Tuesday, she had the best day yet of being home, she had a good appetite, and wasn't tired. We spent the day just talking and watching her soap operas. Wednesday morning I got her up, and was getting her ready for a follow up appt., she said she didn't feel that good. I wheeled her in my living room, and got her on the couch, was about to help my son get ready for school, and she said she was going to pass out. I called 911, and by the time we followed the ambulance to the hospital, she was gone, probably a pulmonary embolism we were told. She was 79. I miss her SO SO much, I'm just trying to make it a day at a time. This is so hard, I hope this wasn't too long, just feel like I need to get the story out.



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My dear Stephanie,

I can only imagine the size of the hole in your heart now that your precious grandmother has died. Please accept our deepest sympathy and know that we are thinking of you.

I hope you will take great comfort from the fact that you did everything you could to make your grandmother’s last days as easy for her as possible. Surely she knew how very much you loved her.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and when you feel ready to do so, I hope you will tell us more about what was special about your beloved grandmother. In the meantime, know that you are not alone, and we are holding you close.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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