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I Just Lost My Mother Wednesday

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Wednesday my mother died of colon cancer. It just crept up on her like a spider. I had been living with her, and we always had great times eating Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner together. We always sat and talked together about anything whether it was news,sports,politics,music,etc.

This was a big blow to me personally. I had just put my dog to sleep, but NOTHING could have prepared me for this. My mother had been sick and couldn't get around as much, but it got worse until she had to go to the hospital. That's when the doctors told me she had colon cancer that was terminal.

I saw her in the nursing home daily, and I chatted with her until I couldn't chat with her no more. She became less and less responsive, but she could hear me. Even worse, she had had considerable amounts of pain and couldn't even walk. I just wish I had been there to say goodbye. When my co-workers brought me to the office and told me the news, I just bawled over like a baby. When I saw her after she died, she laid there with her bible in her hand, and I kissed her and prayed for her. I went home and played the "Memories Of Love" suite by the band Chicago, and I pulled out the scrapbooks of her and us(my family), and cried my eyes out. I'm still reeling from the sorrow, and it's going to take me a while to get over her death. She was my best friend and backbone. I'll get through this, but things don't seem the same to me no more... sad.gif

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